Seekhana launches new eLearning & social platform for video game development


With a pedigree of over 20 years in the computer games business, the management team behind Seekhana is deeply passionate about training the next generation of developers for their industry. Drawing on experience from major players such as Hasbro, Square Enix, Eidos and 505 games, Seekhana aims to be the number one destination online for aspiring game developers to formally learn the skills required to break into this competitive market.

Having worked with world-class developers across all platforms and genres, the company has an intimate understanding of all aspects of games development, and a unique empathy with people who wish to learn more about making video games.

Being so in-tune with those working in and aspiring to work in the computer games industry was how the idea for Seekhana was first realised.

MD Roger Cheung, explains:  “The games industry is constantly evolving, but one thing has not changed; you need talented people with the right skills to create great games.  As the industry has expanded we have noticed a definite skills gap, and we wanted to create a platform that would enable ANYONE with an interest in making games to get advice and develop a more complete skillset.”

With a global skills shortage in the technology industry, the team behind Seekhana is keen to launch exclusively in a territory that will make a big difference. Australia was an automatic choice; taking into account the booming games industry and the talented graduates emerging from institutions such as the University of Technology Sydney, the team is excited to see how Seekana is received in this vibrant, technology-savvy region.

Seekhana is all about helping anyone who wants to get into games. Whether you’d like to work in the industry, or you just want to create your own game or app for fun, Seekhana can give you that leg-up. From programmers to designers, artists or animators, Seekhana is a rich source of information and community that will enable students to hone their skills and make them industry-ready.

Seekhana is unique in that it contains its own custom-built social network, Seekhana Social, allowing all users to lend and ask for support, share their experiences, find like-minded individuals, or chat to newbies and games industry veterans alike. It’s free to join; anyone can get involved in the conversation whether they’re participating in courses or not.

A structured eLearning experience is offered via Seekhana Academy, featuring video tutorials and online assessments, with added support from tutors and experienced game developers at Seekhana Social. All assets are provided for the price of the course – which start at an affordable $49 (USD) – and can be completed at the student’s own pace.