Mouser unveils open source hardware technology site


Mouser Electronics has unveiled their Open Source Hardware (OSHW) technology site.

This interactive site contains information on many of the latest open source hardware boards and accessories, including BeagleBone, Arduino, Netduino, STMicroelectronics Nucleo, Texas Instruments LaunchPad, and the Intel Galileo.

Developers can come to Mouser's new microsite and discover the open-source products they need, to support the project technology features they require.

The site contains schematic diagrams, technical details, and compatible expansion boards for the most common OSHW boards.

The new site is project oriented, allowing developers to sort and select parametric data for the desired board requirements of their particular project.

Parameters include processor type and speed; number of analog and digital inputs; wireless options including WiFi and Bluetooth; USB ports including host, client, and/or OTG; video connectivity; and more.

Detailed documentation and links to supporting software for each board are available for fast, direct download. Accessories such as BeagleBone Capes, Arduino Shields and other compatible add-on hardware for each board can be compared and selected for a given project.

A variety of technical resources are available to assist developers in project definition and development. Videos help beginners get started using OSHW boards, with new videos planned for future release.

Each board is supported by application notes, PCB files, white papers, tutorials, and technical articles designed to shorten learning curves by teaching developers what they need to know to complete their project.

Technical resources range from complete system examples, down to component level details. All project materials are available in one place for purchase on

As a source for Open-Source Hardware, the Mouser Electronics Open-Source Hardware technology site will be regularly updated to feature the latest products in this evolving field.

As new OSHW ecosystems are introduced and existing ones evolve, Mouser will continue to support these developing technologies.