Panasonic capacitors handle high temperatures

Panasonic Capacitor

Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems has extended its product line of OS-CON polymer-aluminium-solid capacitors with three new series for environments requiring high temperatures of up to 125°C, such as heavy industrial and stressful environments.

The products have a small footprint, great ESR values, low power consumption, and are able to withstand high humidity (95°C/95 per cent – 1hrs).

The capacitors also feature a high ripple current with a tiered ripple current rating, so in applications that briefly touch 125°C the devices utilize the lower ripple current rating while offering higher rating for the majority of the time.

The SVF and SVPK components can achieve 10h at 105°C, which delivers on the extended lifetime that polymer technology promises. The SVF series offers higher capacitance (1000uF) and ripple current rating (5Arms) while the SVPK series has higher capacitance within the same case size.

The components are suited for passing and/or withstanding large slugs of current and can be used for holding a large amount of charge. All the new series are offered in surface-mount and through-hole versions.