Global standard for street light products


The TALQ Consortium, developers of the global standard interface for smart outdoor lighting networks, have released the formal beta version of the TALQ Test Suite for its members.

Companies can start testing their smart lighting solutions for multi-vendor interoperability. The Test Suite will allow first products to be TALQ certified later this year – ensuring interoperability without the expense and delay of plug fests.

Cities always try to choose future-proof and interoperable solutions when planning long-term investments like street lighting. They also want to make sure that these issues will not constrain their future investment decisions. That is why, in 2012, the TALQ Consortium was founded to develop a global interface standard to connect and manage heterogeneous street lighting networks from many different hardware and software vendors.

The TALQ Specification focuses on the ‘application layer’ of the interface protocol, allowing maximum freedom for outdoor lighting manufacturers to develop optimized solutions within an interoperable framework. The TALQ Interface is built on standard internet protocols and security standards, such as XML/HTTP and Transport Layer Security, and is independent of connectivity technology.

In addition to the technical specifications, a test procedure and intelligent test tool have been developed to ensure TALQ-compliant products provide the highest level of interoperability.

The beta version of this TALQ Test Suite is available to all TALQ member companies. Lighting manufacturers have access to a tool allowing them to evaluate their own products for TALQ protocol compliance. The test tool supports the TALQ protocol and can test both the TALQ bridge and Central Management System interfaces.
The beta version allows real-time testing of the manufacturer’s implementation of every feature for TALQ compatibility. First tests of existing products during an earlier plug fest have proven the added benefit of functionality and reliability testing using the test suite.