Temperature controller has self-contained control system


Oven’s 5R6- 900 temperature controller with ramp/soak capabilities is contained in an all-in-one enclosure.

It can be plugged into the wall as a self-contained temperature control system, which has its own power supply.

The temperature controller can also be used universally, which allows the user to use the unit wherever they are located.

As a solid-state MOSFET bidirectional compact unit, it is also capable of loading currents up to 10A.

Designed for usage in universities, science laboratories, PCR research and any businesses that specialise in temperature control. The controller features an easy-to-read digital display for controlling functions, including adjusting output voltage and setting the desired temperature.

It has an auto output shutdown if the sensor is opened or shorted, and the the unit also includes high, low and no alarm settings.