PULS products now available from Digi-Key


Digi-Key customers now have access to AC/DC and DC/DC converters from PULS. The power supplies and matching supplementary modules are also in stock.

“We are excited to work with Digi-Key to offer PULS products worldwide to their broad customer base,” said Matt Biskner, L.P. President & General Manager at PULS. “Digi-Key’s knowledgeable technical support, excellent customer service, and global presence, combined with PULS’ extensive offering of the world’s most efficient DIN rail power supplies, should enable more design engineers to select the best PULS power supply for their individual application requirements.”

The PULS product portfolio offers a power supply solution for a variety of applications. All PULS products feature values in efficiency, size, reliability, and lifetime.

“We are thrilled to partner with PULS, and to leverage their engineering knowledge, resources and energy to continue to offer our customers the highest quality and efficiency DIN-rail power supplies available in the industrial power market,” said Tom Busher, VP, Global I P & E at Digi-Key. “Engineers and Technicians now have access to a broad product offering that will allow them to select the best solution for their power applications and projects.”