How to minimise air-conditioner impact on the environment


Summer is here and temperatures are rising, resulting in an increase in air conditioner use across Australian homes.

And despite being more educated on the impacts we have on the environment, 69 per cent of homeowners admit the cost of running their machine weighs more heavily on their mind than the impacts the extra energy usage will have on the environment.

Furthermore, 63 per cent admit they do not feel guilty about running their air conditioner to cool down in summer.

“It’s a fine line at times juggling your own comfort and the well-being of the environment,” says CEO Jeremy Levitt. “But most people are prepared to use the advantages of modern technology to escape a stifling Aussie summer by flicking a switch to cool down in comfort,”

“And particularly for the very young and the ageing generation, it is important to keep out of the intense heat when the mercury really starts to rise for health and safety reasons.”

But some ways are better than others when it comes to staying cool and thinking about Mother Nature at the same time. For tips on how to choose air conditioners with the highest energy rating, and ways to minimise running costs, click here.