Garage opener controlled by smart device

Chamberlain Powerlift MyQ Image

The PowerLift MyQ is a DIY garage door opener that offers users the ability to monitor and control their door using a smart device, wherever they are.

Built using Chamberlain’s encrypted MyQ technology platform, the app connects homeowners to their home router from anywhere in the world allowing them to monitor their garage door at any time.

“Smart home connectivity is a growing part of our everyday lives,” says Chamberlain Head of Marketing, Grant Emanuel. “Automating your garage door with the PowerLift MyQ not only makes getting in and out of your home much easier, it also solves those panic moments when you rush out of the house to get to work and then question whether you left the garage door open or not.

“Chamberlain’s MyQ also provides [a] solution for those days when you need to allow a visitor access to your garage but no-one is at home. Guests, tradesmen and delivery drivers can all be provided with access to the garage from anywhere in the world via the MyQ app.

“The app notification also alerts homeowners any time their garage door is opened or closed, helping to better monitor your property when away from the home,” adds Emanuel.

The PowerLift MyQ can be attached to an existing single or double sectional garage door up to 16m². It can be attached to a door in just a couple of hours and connected to a router within minutes.

“Through recent research, we know that convenience is the primary reason for purchasing a garage door opener. MyQ technology was developed to extend the convenience our products provide, giving homeowners more control over their life and property, by allowing them to connect to their home anytime they want and from wherever they are,” adds Emanuel.

It also includes obstruction detection safety beams and premium reversal technology, which guarantees the door will automatically stop and reverse if obstructed – keeping children, pets and the family car safe and out of harm’s way.