Future Awards 2011 winners announced

THE TEAM behind Electronics News magazine has unveiled the winners for the 2011 Future Awards.

THE TEAM behind Electronics News magazine has unveiled the winners for the 2011 Future Awards.

The finalists at this year’s Future Awards were of a high calibre, making the judges’ job a hard one. Nonetheless, decisions were made, and these are the finalists.

Automotive and Transport:

Hull Stress Monitoring System by CPE Systems (joint project with Endurance Consulting)

A system that monitors the stress and fatigue experienced by naval ships’ hulls to ensure safe operation. Providing insight into the condition and dynamic forces experienced by the hulls, the system provides the crew with the information necessary to prolong the life of the vessels as they age.

The HSMS includes strain gauges and accelerometers distributed throughout the ship, monitoring factors like stress, acceleration, wind speed, wind direction, propeller pitch, and propeller RPM.

Communications (sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz):

CaptivEYE Timelapse by CAPTIVACTION

A full-featured timelapse-capturing and remote viewing webcam system, with a high level of user control and HD-quality archiving, monitoring and marketing potential.

Most CaptivEYE Timelapse systems operate using 3G wireless internet, with solar and battery power providing true independent operation. They can also use satellite-based internet access, and data is immediately stored on remote servers upon capture for improved security and access.

Industrial Electronics:

ABB CQ900R by Successful Endeavours

The CQ900 series are replacements for the aging C200A capacitor bank controller product, with updated features catering to a changing international market, including improved customisation potential, advanced controller features, Smart Grid level communications and SCADA capabilities.

Three different models were developed, catering to different market and feature needs, but with commonalities to ensure ease of configuration and stocking.


Hyperbaric Controller by CPE Systems

A control and monitoring system designed as a drop-in replacement for an existing but outdated controller.

The new system provides hyperbaric technicians with a number of advanced features that present hyperbaric chamber control systems do not offer, including integrated control and sensor monitoring, automated logging, treatment selection, operator activity monitoring, and remote control capability.

It is intended as a base platform for future development and enhancements. It also simplifies daily use, allowing operators more time to focus on patient condition.

Student (sponsored by Kontron):

olyMEMS by Carson Au (Jounce Labs)

A training and performance assessment tool targeting athletes and coaches involved in Olympic weightlifting or strength and conditioning programs.

The hardware project is open source, and is an improvement over the traditional use of high-speed cameras to assess the performance of weight lifters. It provides real-time, in-depth analysis for the athlete, and maintains a small form factor and low cost.

The system employs a MEMS inertial measurement unit attached directly to the barbell to measure parameters such as peak vertical acceleration and velocity, as well as logging the characteristic curve of the acceleration. This data is then sent wirelessly to a base station, which displays the relevant information via an LCD.

Best of Design (sponsored by element14):

In-Vehicle Fast Charger (by Redarc Technologies)

A super-quick DC to DC battery charger for roadside assistance vehicles, helping charge a completely flat vehicle battery to a useable state in a short time.

The charger integrates the company’s multi-chemistry battery charging technology and switch mode circuitry, and is able to deliver a very high current, and operate in rugged conditions.

The custom-designed metal housing provides thermal cooling without the use of fans, and is robust enough to withstand rough handling. Compliant with standard off-the-shelf cables, the charger includes in-built protective measures, and eliminates the need to run another vehicle in order to recharge a flat battery, making it safe for use in enclosed spaces.


The winners will be awarded their trophies on 18 August 2011 at a breakfast roundtable and will be featured in our special awards supplement that will be published alongside the Electronics News October issue.

Details of the finalists will also be in the supplement. There is also the possibility that future features in the magazine will be developed based on the innovative projects presented in some of the finalist entries.