Chamberlain Group to sue over fake remotes

Merlin Remote in Hand

The Chamberlain Group is issuing a notice for dealers and resellers to be on the lookout for imitation garage door remotes; warning that the fake products will void motor warranties, are unreliable, and often do not meet compliance standards.

“The Chamberlain Group has been producing quality garage door automation solutions in the Australian and New Zealand markets for over thirty years under the Merlin, Grifco and Chamberlain brands,” says Mike Fraser, Head of Sales for The Chamberlain Group. “During this time, the group has developed a reputation for quality products and a commitment to both innovation and safety.

“We are well aware that a growing number of non-genuine garage door remotes have entered the Australian and New Zealand markets. Some of these products are not only a blatant patent infringement – but many have the potential to leave unsuspecting consumers frustrated and out-of-pocket.”

Consumers who are sold these products in good faith can be left with no recourse for action as the non-compliant remote will void their warranty.

“No one can guarantee how long these imitation, aftermarket remotes will work for or if they even meet the required testing standards,” says Fraser. “We take the issue of these fake remotes very seriously and are taking legal action to ensure that unsuspecting consumers are protected.”
The Chamberlain Group has commenced legal proceedings to address the use of Chamberlain’s Security+2.0 patent-protected technology by an aftermarket remote (JJ-RC-SM12). The group is also prepared to take legal action against any resellers who seek to offer products that breach Chamberlain’s patents and that mislead consumers.

All genuine Chamberlain products feature the company’s branding. If a dealer or reseller is unsure of a product they can visit or contact Chamberlain on 1800 638 234

“Chamberlain is taking action to protect Australian and New Zealand consumers and to defend our intellectual property which has been rigorously tested to meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards. We will continue to take all action required against any infringement of our patents now, and in the future,” says Fraser.