Is Apple’s FaceTime responsible for child’s death?


Apple is being sued by a family from Texas whose five-year old daughter, Moriah Modisette, died in a car accident on Christmas Eve 2014. The accident was allegedly caused by Garrett Wilhelm who crashed into the Modisette’s car while using the FaceTime app on his iPhone 6.

Modisette’s parents, James and Bethany, have filed a lawsuit in the Santa Clara County Superior Court in California where Apple has its headquarters.

The accident happened in Texas when Wilhelm’s vehicle ran into the rear of the Modisette’s car at 105kph. James and his youngest daughter had to be cut out of the vehicle, but Moriah died shortly afterwards in hospital.

The crux of the lawsuit is the allegation that Apple patented technology that would stop FaceTime being accessed while a vehicle was in motion but failed to make it available for iPhone users. The writ also stipulates that because Apple patented the technology, the company knew that the app had the potential to be dangerous if utilised in vehicles on the move.

Apple has yet to respond to the suit.