AirPods finally arrive in Australia


After a delay of two months, Apple AirPods have finally arrived on Australian shores.

No reason was given for the delay other than Apple stating that ‘they weren’t ready’. Given Apple’s penchant at being perfectionists it could have been a myriad of reasons – from performance issues through to design.

Retailing at $229, the earbuds are built around Apple’s W1 wireless chip, which is designed to improve the quality of Bluetooth connection while using less energy. The wireless earbuds connect automatically with users’ other Apple devices, such as the Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad.

Although small in nature, there are a few nifty features, such as the ability to tell when they are in your ears or not – it will ‘pause’ when a user takes them out. Battery life listening time is a little disappointing at five hours – ideally you’d want eight hours to get you through the day. However, the battery case can recharge the AirPods more than four times during the day if need be, but it means carrying the (somewhat small) case with you. On the plus side, 15 minutes of charging will give consumers three hours of usage.

The AirPods are available online now and will take up to two weeks for delivery.