Tindo Solar to partner with SolarBridge


Australian solar manufacturer Tindo Solar has announced a partnership with SolarBridge Technologies to include their inverters in the Tindo Karra-250 AC Module.

The manufacturing of the Tindo Karra AC module will continue to take place at Tindo Solar’s Mawson Lakes facility.

Unlike conventional DC panels, the Tindo AC Module generates 240Vac power ready to be plugged into the grid.

According to Tindo Solar, DC solar panel need to be connected in series and parallel to feed a single inverter that converts it to 240V AC, limiting their performance to the weakest panel in the series string.

Tindo AC modules are not vulnerable to this “Christmas tree effect”, with each panel being individually controlled and maximized and not effected by its neighbour.

Tindo Solar says it selected the SolarBridge Technologies inverter on its module due to its specs: it is designed from the ground up to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from -40°C to +85°C.