ST leads charge for next-gen MEMS


STMICROELECTRONICS has started working with research partners in Europe to develop a pilot line for next-generation advanced MEMS devices.

The Lab4MEMS pilot-line project will leverage STMicroelectronics’ end-to-end MEMS facilities to develop enabling technologies for MEMS devices augmented with piezoelectric, magnetic materials and 3D packaging.

The project was launched by the European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) Joint Undertaking (JU), a public-private partnership in nanoelectronics.

STMicroelectronics is taking on a leadership role in the project, by coordinating with universities, research institutions and technology businesses across nine European countries.

It will leverage the company’s MEMS facilities in France, Italy and Malta to establish a complete set of manufacturing competencies for next-generation devices, spanning design and fabrication to test and packaging.

As the market leader in MEMS, ST currently holds more than 800 MEMS-related patents, and has shipped more than three billion MEMS devices. Its in-house production capabilities currently produce more than 4 million MEMS devices per day.

The Labs4MEMS project will develop technologies such as Piezoelectric (PZT) thin films to enhance current pure-silicon MEMS, enabling improvements such as larger displacement, higher sensing functionality and greater energy density.

These technologies will enable next-gen smart sensors, actuators, micro pumps and energy harvesters.

The project will also develop advanced packaging technologies and vertical interconnections using flip-chip, through-silicon vias and through-mold vias, enabling 3D-integrated devices for applications such as body area sensors and remote monitoring.