Raspberry Pi now made in UK


REVISION 2 of the low-cost Raspberry Pi development board is now being made in Sony’s UK manufacturing plant.

Until now, the Raspberry Pi boards were made in China, due to the difficulty of finding cost-effective UK manufacturers for the boards: the Model A board is US$25, while Model B is US$35.

The volume of sales generated by the launch of the Raspberry Pi changed the Foundation’s expectations – the prospective manufacturer would be making hundreds of thousands of boards, as opposed to tens of thousands.

The Foundation staff, after visiting Sony’s manufacturing plant in Pencoed, South Wales, decided to make use of Sony’s contract electronic manufacture (CEM) service.

Sony, on its part, invested in adding Package on Package hardware manufacturing ability and expansion capability for Raspberry Pi. (The Raspberry Pi’s Broadcom chip is stacked beneath the RAM chip using PoP.)

Sony has also committed to sourcing the parts used in the Raspberry Pi ethically, and every component will be tested to ensure it passes standards compliance via the company’s Green Management program.

As a result, element14/Premier Farnell has moved most of its Raspberry Pi manufacturing operations to the UK. The Pencoed plant will produce 30,000 boards a month.