World’s first 1500V device introduced by semiconductor company

TO-220FP wide creepage -01

STMicroelectronics has introduced a portfolio of TO-220 FullPAK wide creepage power transistors, including the world’s first 1500V super-junction MOSFET in this new important arcing-resistant package.

The TO-220FP wide creepage package is ideal for the power transistors of open-frame power supplies commonly used in equipment such as television sets and PCs, which are vulnerable to surface contamination by dust and particles that can cause high-voltage arcing between transistor terminals.

The new package’s extended lead spacing of 4.25mm eliminates the special potting, lead forming, sleeving, or sealing needed to prevent the arcing when using conventional packages with 2.54mm lead spacing.

Power-supply manufacturers can now meet applicable safety standards and minimize field failures without applying these additional processes, thereby simplifying manufacturing and enhancing productivity.

While providing superior arcing resistance, TO-220FP wide creepage retains the outstanding electrical properties of the popular TO-220FP. Moreover, similar outer dimensions help streamline design-in and ensure compatibility with established assembly processes.

ST developed the TO-220FP wide creepage package by collaborating with its customer SoluM, a leading power manufacturer based in Korea. SoluM is using the superior package to create new power solutions that are more robust and cost-effective than competing products.