New Differential Strain Gauge Amplifier

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FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology has recently announced the newest addition to their Amplifier family -The IAA300.

The IAA300 is a differential Strain Gauge Amplfier with an ultra low noise output. It is field configurable, making it easy to make adjustments on the fly. With easy to adjust DIP switches the IAA300 saves valuable time and energy.

The IAA300 is super fast with up to 50hz bandwidth, is made with a stainless steel cover fastened by magnets to an aluminium body, has IP50 protection and weighs a mere 109grams.

Product Highlights:

  • Differential Input | Differential Output
  • Ultra Low noise output
  • Up to 50Khz bandwidth
  • Selectable bandwidths (DIP switch)
  • External accessible shunt CAL Activation
  • Weight -109grams
  • Material -Stainless Steel & Aluminium