HOT Pallet Racking Project for Singapore


HOT has just completed a project for a sheet metal company in Singapore, installing, designing and assembling work all according to the most strict international standards.

HOT Pallets are able to meet customer’s storage requirement on sheet metal, and highly improved the storage space utilization.

HOT pallet racking system will be best storage choice, all pallet locations can be accessed individual anytime you want, beams are easy adjustable, also able to match with pallet support bars, wiremesh decks to meet with various pallet size storage.

HOT Racking is the leading racking solution design and system manufacturer in China, only supplying with high quality and technology advanced products, we’ve been supplying pallet racking systems, shelving systems, mezzanine racking system, cantilever system, carton live storage systems for manufacturing industrial, logistics industry, cold chain storage, retail, e-commercial business etc.