Hioki BT3554-01 Battery Tester


The Hioki BT3554-01 can provide cell voltage, impedance and temperature (in the range of 10°C to 60°C) in 2 secs.

The unique noise resistance filter provides clear, unequivocal impedance trending—when measurement stabilises, it is automatically saved. Noise barrier design, plus averaging protocols provide very sensitive impedance measurement from 0-3 milliohms to 0-3 ohms.

The BT3554-01 is suitable for batteries to 60 volt and individual cells, averaging functions of 4, 8 or 16 consecutive readings provide a resolution to 1 micro-ohm. A set of voltage and impedance comparators permit immediate visualisation of battery conditions.

For example, a low cell voltage in combination with low internal impedance will bring up a ‘warning’ indication.

A USB connector allows data transfer to PCs and Windows-compatible software enables the formatting of data in Excel, as well as remote initialising of battery tester. The  BT3554-01 is Bluetooth compatibility for iphone5, iPad and Android devices.