ODU Stamptac for eMobility applications


ODU Stamptac is one of four Electrical contact types that has been designed for use in IEC charging plugs (IEC standard compliant) for hybrid and plug-in vehicles, which ensure quick and easy “refuelling” with electricity.

The contact parts of this economical stamped contact, have a high process reliability and are now available as 3mm and 6mm versions.  They are rated IP67 and deliver optimal results due to three different surface varieties for the crimp-and-contact areas as well as for the contact body.

The base body also serves as a contact system which means no additional transmission element is required. The slotted fingers reliably connect with the contact pin – even after over 10,000 mating cycles and the contact is still fully functional when mated at an angle of up to 5 degrees.

ODU Stamptac has recently been added to ODU’s range of Electrical Contact Technologies which include:

ODU Springtac providing more than 100,000 mating cycles with individually suspended springwires that offer a high number of contact surfaces even in small diameters.
ODU Lamtac consists of a lathe-turned carrier in which one or more stamped lamella strips are inserted.  Maximum current-carrying capacity and temperature resistance of up to 180 degrees.

ODU Turntac has turned, slotted contacts, is extremely robust and features four contact surfaces between pin and socket which means this connector is still reliable when plugged in at an angle up to 5 degrees.