New technologies for Aussie electric scooter maker


AUSTRALIAN electric scooter maker Vmoto will use KLD’s new electrical system in its vehicles.

Vmoto has has reached an agreement with KLD Energy Technologies to use its new system, which is expected to yield larger power output and achieve faster speeds.

While participating in the EICMA exhibition in Milan, Vmoto showcased its new lithium battery-based electric scooters and intelligent electric scooters to the global audience in attendance.

The lithium battery-based electric scooter achieves higher speeds and a longer distance range than the existing silicone battery electric scooter.

The intelligent electric scooters have an integrated computer system developed by Vmoto’s customer in Canada, Saturna Green Systems.

This system allows for GPS services including mapping, range estimation and battery maximisation together with the ability to access the internet from the system, which is integrated into the dashboard of the electric scooter.