Mona Lisa now lit with LEDs


TOSHIBA LEDs now illuminate the face of Mona Lisa, as a collaboration with the musée du Louvre see a new lighting technology installed in the interior of the museum.

LED lights are now shining on the Mona Lisa display, as well as other displays in the Red Room of the museum.

The musée du Louvre and Toshiba have maintained a partnership agreement since June 2010. Toshiba has for far renovated lighting of the Pyramid, the Pyramidions and the Pavillon Colbert (December 2011) and the Cour Napoleon (May 2012).

The renovations have significantly cut power consumption, and a 73% cut in power consumed by exterior lighting.

The lighting renovation of the Mona Lisa and displays in the Red Room is the first time Toshiba LEDs have been used for interior lighting in the museum, and has allowed for the installation of a new generation of lighting products, developed especially for the project.

The lamps and lighting fixtures have improved colour rendering of the paintings, total suppressed UV and IR radiation to reduce the risk of damage to the artworks, and reduced electricity consumption for the Red Room and the Mona Lisa.

This lamp used to light the Mona Lisa utilises 34 LEDs and allows for the compensation of colour shift due to the protective glazing and ambient lighting. The lamp includes various optical systems to frame the painting and to maintain very high lighting uniformity across the masterpiece.

The spectrum of the lamp can be controlled precisely using a control system, allowing the highest possible colour fidelity.

The next stage of the partnership will be to use Toshiba LED lighting in the Cour Carrée (a square courtyard) by the end of 2013 and in the Napoleon Hall in the first half of 2014.