MLC NAND now suited for extended temperature use

US-based Greenliant Systems has engineered MLC NAND-based solid state drives to be capable of operating at industrial temperatures between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius.

The NANDrive SSDs, with SATA and PATA interfaces, uses 2-bits-per-cell NAND flash memory, and are the first ball grid array (BGA) package SSDs based on MLC NAND capable of operating at extended temperatures.

MLC NAND memory has traditionally been seen as difficult to manage, and even more so over wide temperature ranges. Until now, embedded systems requiring industrial temperature solid state storage had to opt for SLC NAND flash, which is more expensive.

By optimising the NAND controllers to avoid uncorrectable errors in MLC NAND over a wide temperature range, Greenliant can now offer cost-efficient and reliable SSDs for industrial uses.

NANDrive combines Greenliant’s internally developed NAND controller with NAND flash die for a fully integrated SSD in a multi-chip package. SATA and PATA NANDrive products have the same pin-out across all capacities in each family to ensure backward compatibility and simplify board design.

The BGA package allows for easy and firm mounting to a system motherboard, and the 1mm ball pitch increases long-term reliability for applications enduring mechanical shock, vibration and temperature cycling.