Intel targets Raspberry Pi form factor with NUC


INTEL is jumping on the ultra-compact computer market, right on the heels of the Raspberry Pi, unveiling its Next Unit of Computing (NUC).

NUC is a 10cm by 10cm Sandy Bridge Core i3/i5 computer, first demonstrated at the beginning of April 2012. It will use Intel's HD 3000 GPU.

The compact computer has Thunderbolt, HDMI, and USB 3.0 ports, and on the motherboard there are two SO-DIMM laptop-type memory slots and two mini PCIe headers.

The NUC is targeted to distinctly more commercial applications than the Raspberry Pi, to compete within the embedded space within the digital signage and kiosk markets.

Of course the Raspberry Pi, measuring 8.5cm by 5.5cm, is still smaller than the NUC, and also has more I/O. Of course, the NUC takes more powerful processors compared to the 700MHz ARM SoC on the Raspberry Pi, and will run x86 Windows operating systems.