IC development no longer black magic


TRIAD Semiconductor and Mentor Graphics have introduced ViaDesigner, a new electronic design automation (EDA) tool which accelerates IC development.

According to the companies, the new EDA tool allows system-level engineers who have no previous IC design experience to design their own mixed-signal configurable ASICs in two to six months.

ViaDesigner allows respins in less than four weeks and can reduce the cost and risk typically associated with custom mixed-signal IC design.

The foundation for ViaDesigner is the SystemVision design environment by Mentor Graphics. This was extended by Triad’s set of ViaASIC library wizards that help the user design sophisticated mixed-signal circuits while freeing the designer from the tedium and expertise required of full-custom IC layout.

ViaDesigner coupled with ViaASIC technology provides designers with a low-cost way to combine precision analogue functions, data converters, ARM processors, custom digital logic, non-volatile memory and power management into their own optimised IC.

ViaDesigner wizards guide the user through the realization of low-level IC elements, such as matched resistors, capacitors, switches, op-amps, etc., without forcing the user to be an expert in device physics or a particular foundry’s full-custom design rules.