Holden’s first long-range electric car for Australia


HOLDEN is bringing Volt, its long-range electric car, to Australia at the end of 2012.

The Holden Volt, besides being an electric vehicle, also carries new safety-boosting telematics features. It will be the first in the Holden range of vehicles to have Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning.

The Volt has front sensor indicators on the windscreen, which alerts the driver via an audible alarm if they are tailgating the vehicle in front. A camera, also on the windscreen, detects if the driver veers or swerves out of a marked lane without first indicating.

The car is powered by GM’s electric propulsion system, with a 16.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack (complete with liquid thermal management system and active control) and electric drive unit capable of driving 87km on electric power alone. Output is 111kW at 5000 rpm, and the electric drive provides 370Nm motoring torque.

The range is extended via a 1.4L petrol-powered generator  which maintains enough charge in the batteries to power the wheels until the car can be recharged. The total range is over 600km, depending on conditions.

The electric drive unit incorporates automatic transmission with electronic ratio select.

The electric car includes a 7-inch colour LCD touch screen, offering satellite navigation, audio interface including voice recognition and Bluetooth, DVD playback, MP3 plug and play functionality and USB input with iPod compatibility. A 30GB inbuilt hard drive enables users to store their own music tracks.

The touch screen can also relay real-time information on energy use and power flow to the driver, offering efficiency feedback based on driving style and climate settings.

Holden will offer an eight year/160, 000km warranty on the Volt battery and Voltec components.  The warranty includes all 161 components of the Volt’s battery, its charging, thermal-management system and components of its electric drive system, and is transferable to other vehicle owners.