Design engineers get to experiment on internet radio using BeagleBone Black


element14 has revealed that its ‘BeagleBone Black Radio Challenge’, a design competition for participants to develop an innovative internet radio has received early entries from Australia, Japan and India.

In this Challenge for the creation of an innovative, fully-featured internet / digital radio, the BeagleBone Black has been bundled with a 4.3” LCD screen cape, compact USB wi-fi adapter with 4” antenna, Adafruit power adapter, Adafruit BBB case, and Adafruit Software Defined Radio Receiver USB Stick. C

ommunity members can submit before 3 February 2014 their most innovative proposal at

Since its launch in May 2013, the BeagleBone Black, a lower-cost, high-expansion board, has been a popular new member of the BeagleBoard family. 

Designed to address the Open Source Community and anyone interested in ARM Cortex-A8 based processor, it can connect with the Internet and run software such as Angstrom and Ubuntu.

Selected participants will start their reviews and blog on 17 February and complete by 28 March details of their project as they progress; including videos, diagrams and code samples. 

The most intriguing, engaging materials for a fully operational internet/ digital radio will win a Grand Prize from Texas Instruments.

Ravi Pagar, Regional Director – South Asia, element14 Asia-Pacific said, “There are hundreds of interesting radio stations in Asia broadcasting from India, Malaysia and Vietnam among others, and through this challenge, participants will get to share with our 200,000 member-strong Community their progress in developing an easy-to-use internet radio. It would be quite exciting to be able to easily listen to music or news from any of the 44,000 radio stations in the world.”