Counterfeit battery to blame for exploding Samsung S4


Melbourne schoolgirl Brooklyn McDonald got a nasty surprise when her Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded on her lap on her way to school.

Left with first- and second-degree burns, McDonald was on her way to Mooroolbark school in Melbourne when the phone burst into flames, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

McDonald was being driven to school when the phone started hissing and then caught fire. McDonald started screaming as the fire burnt a hole in her school uniform and although it was quickly extinguished it still left burn marks.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald a Samsung spokesperson is blaming the incident on an alleged counterfeit battery. Users can buy batteries online through third-party websites, most of which are based overseas and have little or no rules or regulations surrounding their sale or how they are built.

Last year Samsung had a PR disaster on its hand with a massive recall of its Galaxy S7 handheld device after several devices caught fire and exploded due to faulty batteries. The company ended up having to do a second recall as the revamped handset had another, unrelated battery issue.