Tibbo Technology

Some companies go for speed; "Our processor is the fastest!" they shout from the rooftops. Others go for great prices, "Cheap processors, get your cheap processors right here!"

Us, we go for simplicity. We don’t make the fastest processors around. Our products are not the cheapest, either. But they are a joy to work with and they save you valuable time.

Right from the get-go, Tibbo was all about simplicity. We were one of the first companies to offer comprehensive PC software with our Device Servers. Our Connection Wizard is considered quite innovative to this day!

With our programmable devices, we followed the same paradigm. BASIC was an obvious language choice, but we didn’t stop there. We developed our own dialect and our own IDE. We also made it so that you don’t need an ICE machine or any other complex hardware. Just grab any programmable Tibbo device, get the free software from our site, and start creating!

The same goes for I/O Ninja, our terminal software. It was born out of our own frustration with existing offerings. We wanted a simple, elegant, versatile terminal. We couldn’t find one, so we created it ourselves. We liked it so much that we made it into a product.

Finally, with AggreGate, we try to bring simplicity into the complex device management space. Our vision is one unified system which would make it easy for you to work with multiple devices, multiple users, and even multiple servers.

We hope our products will get your creative energy going. And of course, we are always happy to hear about any cool new Tibbo-powered devices you create.