Aussie company to launch first smart grid integrated EV charger


AUSTRALIAN technology firm DiUS Computing's subsidiary Percepscion will be unveiling the world’s first certified smart grid integrated EV charger tomorrow.

The unveiling will take place at the 10th Annual Australia and New Zealand Smart Utilities Conference, which runs from 20 to 22 November.

The Charge IQ electric vehicle charger can communicate with smart meters, adjusting the EV charging load based on requests received over the smart meter network from utilities.

This means the electricity utilities will be able to introduce flexible pricing tariffs, encouraging consumers to choose to shift their usage from high cost peak to lower cost off-peak prices.

The charger recently became the first electric vehicle home charging unit certified to the Zigbee communications standard used by Victoria’s smart meters.

It is the only electric vehicle charger currently being used as part of the Victorian Department of Transport’s Demand Response Load Control Electric Vehicle Trial, running from June to December 2012.

The trial forms part of the Transport Department’s five-year Electric Vehicle Trial, which aims to better understand the process, timelines and barriers for converting to electric vehicle technologies.

The Australia and New Zealand Smart Utilities Conference focuses on the latest water and electricity industry developments. The event sees more than 700 industries professionals attend to meet and evaluate the latest smart technologies, project experiences and exchange ideas.