20 percent efficiency boost for new LEDs


OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has developed Oslon SSL light emitting diodes (LED) in red, orange and yellow with a new chip technology with up to 20 percent more light output.

According to OSRAM, the more energy-efficient LEDs are also more thermally stable, particularly in Hyper-red (660nm) wavelengths. The efficiency boost (10 to 20 percent compared to the previous generations) is dependent on the wavelengths.

The 660nm flagship unit has a brightness of 400mW at an operating current of 400mA. It is capable of converting 46 percent of the current into light.

At an operating current of 350mA it achieves 355mW, which corresponds to a conversion rate of 49 percent. At an operating current of 700 mA and at a temperature of 80°C it will last more than 100,000 hours (L70/B50).

The basis of this efficiency boost lies in the latest developments in Indium-Gallium-Aluminum-Phosphide (InGAAlP) chip technology.

In practical applications this means that fewer LEDs are needed to achieve a particular brightness level, or the same number of LEDs can be used to produce a higher brightness level.

The Oslon SSL LEDs have a compact package size of 3mm by 3mm and choice of beam angles (80° and 150°). They can be clustered so high brightness can be achieved on a small footprint.

When combined with LEDs in the Deep-blue color (450 nm), they create a light color that is tailor made for the requirements of commercial horticulture.